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Why Outsource?
The way most of us do business has changed. Interactive communication via the internet combined with secure transaction capabilities has created a low cost, easily accessible and widely accepted new marketplace. Companies of all types and sizes, as well as new entrepreneurs, are accessing regional, national, and even world markets 24/7 and are developing "direct to the end user" businesses at an unprecedented rate. This new market is geographically much larger, it is much less concentrated, and the delivery of products has become more fragmented and challenging. Efficient, cost-effective order exchange, fulfillment, tracking and delivery, and service to the customer is essential for success.

Customers' expectations for quality and service are at an all time high. Meeting these expectations is required for the expansion and sustenance of direct marketing opportunities. Fulfillment and its supporting services are integral to this process. Managing your fulfillment costs, while insuring the very best in customer service, is often best achieved by using a proven service provider. CHFulfillment is experienced and dedicated to providing you the best in customer service and product fulfillment.

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